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CHROME WHEEL CLEANER - Safe for all wheels

  • Rated the #1 Chrome Wheel Cleaner
  • Proven to be safe For all Wheel Finishes Including Custom, Painted, Polished And Powder Coated Wheels
  • Professional Strength (non-acidic)
  • Effective and fast works Instantly & Eliminates Hard Scrubbing
  • Purchased By Auto Detailers And Car Dealerships
  • Trigger Sprayer Included 
  • Available in 16 oz or 32 oz

Safe Wheel chrome cleaner is a non-acidic professional strength wheel cleaner designed to clean chrome, custom, alloy and mag wheels effectively and safely. Lane’s Safe Wheel makes Cleaning chrome wheels easy. Always make sure your chrome wheels are cool and spray cleaner on the wheel, watching the dirt and grime instantly start to dissolve. To speed up the cleaning processes rub the chrome wheel lightly using a micro fiber mitt or sponge. Hosing off our professional strength chrome wheel cleaner is exciting because now, you can see the brilliant shine of your chrome wheels.

Custom wheels make a car. However, cleaning and maintaining them can be time consuming with cleaners sold at the retail store level. You do not know how these cleaners are going to perform. You need a chrome cleaner that has professional strength but is going to be safe for your custom wheels. The next time you set out to clean your factory chrome or custom wheels save time with Lane’s.

How often should I clean my chrome wheels? Because your wheels are low to the ground they will need to be cleaned more often than the rest of your car. Cleaning or wiping your wheels three times a week should keep your chrome wheels free of road debris and brake dust. By doing this you will preserve your coating and prevent premature pitting.

Directions: Spray Safe Wheel on your chrome wheel, allow 5-10 seconds, wipe wheel with a mitt or towel. Spray wheels off thoroughly.

Why use Safe Chrome wheel: I have 22 inch chrome wheels that require a lot of care. To care for your chrome wheels takes time but you have to be careful and use the right wheel cleaning products. I use Safe Wheel every time I wash my car to remove any debris that may cause pitting and corrosion. People always ask how I keep my wheels so clean.

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