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4-Gallon Case Vanilla Bean Deodorizer Concentrated

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32.00 LBS
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Product Description

Vanilla Bean Deodorizer Super Concentrate 1 ounce per gallon of water

Carpet and Fabric Deodorizer

Since its first culinary use thousands of years ago, Vanilla Bean has long been desired for its delicious flavor and enticing scent. Our Vanilla Bean Deodorizer has a strong, welcoming vanilla smell that gradually fades into a pleasant background aromatic note. Warning: may create intense cravings for apple pie or chocolate brownies to accompany the smooth vanilla scent.


Every cleaner wants repeat business and referrals. For many, repeat customers are the core of their business, and referrals their only method of advertising. Yet, as important as this is many cleaners ignore one of the most powerful methods of getting repeat business and building a memorable brand.

I ll give you a hint. It smells.

Actually, it is smell. Research shows that there is a powerful link between smell, memory and emotional state. When scientist Hendrick Schifferstein from Delft University of Technology pumped the smell of orange, peppermint or seawater into a nightclub the revelers partied harder - they danced more, rated the night as more enjoyable, and even thought the music was better - than when no scent was added (Chemosensory Perception, vol 4, p 55).

The surprising thing about the research done on smells is that most of the subjects aren't even aware of the smell, yet it still affects their behavior and emotions.

Major industries know the power of smell.

    • Casinos use fresh fragrances to keep card players at tables longer


    • The army uses them to simulate urban warfare


    • Disney uses them to create powerful memories of Disneyland


    • Just hear the name Victoria's Secret and perfumed buildings spring to mind


    • Sony uses vanilla and mandarin to make women feel welcome in their stores

The secret is out. If you want to create a memorable brand, leave a memorable smell!

Amazing Fragrance = Strong Brand = Repeat Business

Dilution: ½ - 4 oz./gal.    |    RTU pH: 7    |    Contains: 1 Gallon