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6" Ryobi Buffer Kit To Polish, Wax & Seal The Paint

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Product Description

6" Buffer Kit to polish, wax, seal the paint and touch up

  • 6" Ryobi’s Buffer with 2-free Pads - smooth, random orbital action helps attain a professional, swirl-free finish 
  • Lane’s Ultimate Glaze 16 oz - cleans and polishes paint
  • Lane’s Cherry Wet Wax 16 oz high gloss wax great for dark colored cars
  • Lane’s Super Seal Paint Sealant 16 oz creates a dazzling shine and long-lasting protection
  • High Shine Detail Spray Wax 16 oz used for an instant shine in between waxing
  • professional use only


This 6 Inch Ryobi Buffer Kit offers everything that you will need to give your paint the treatment it deserves. The buffer runs at 4000 orbits per minute allowing you to complete the job in a fraction of the time you would be able to by hand. We have also included an additional 2pack of bonnets at no additional charge!

Lane's Ultimate Glaze is used by auto detailers, dealerships and car fanatics to clean and polish paint while bringing out a brilliant shine. This glaze will minimize paint defects on your vehicle and should be the first product, in this kit, that is applied to your vehicle after a thorough washing.

The second product to be used in this kit after the removal of the Ultimate Glaze is the Cherry Wet Wax. Cherry Wet Wax will provide your car's exterior with a high shine and durable protection. Cherry Wet Wax contains additional oils to preserve your paint and provide a high gloss shine minimizing paint imperfections. Cherry Wet Wax is easy to apply and remove leaving no white residue leaving your car's paint smooth.

Super Seal Paint Sealant is the final product in this kit that should be used in conjunction with the Ryobi 6 Inch Buffer. Paint sealants are the final coat applied to clear coat auto painted surfaces. Lane’s Super Seal Paint Sealant creates a dazzling shine and long-lasting protection. This car paint sealant car be removed by hand and will not leave any white residue on plastic moldings or trim.

Touch up shine is a professional detail spray/ spray wax this is recommended for use between wax jobs. Each time you use Touch-Up Shine, you are applying a thin coat of wax to your vehicle's exterior while deepening the shine. This auto detail spray is sprayed on the exterior paint and wiped, creating an instant shine. Now, your paint will have a just waxed luster look, guaranteed

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