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Kool Aid Stain Remover CR-2 choice 16 ounces

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Product Description

CR-2 Powder

CR-2 is the key to removing nearly any stain. It has been known as a magic eraser for good reason, because it can remove even impossible stains like furniture or Kool Aid!

Required tools and chemicals

1 -1 tablespoon of CR-2

2 -Steam Iron

3 -Towel

4 -4 oz of Ammonia



mix 1 tablespoon of this powerful powder with 4 ounces (120 milliliters) water and four ounces (milliliter) mild household ammonia; then apply using either steam ironing method— Place towel over garment being treated -stand close enough so that no fragrance comes off onto your hands when you feel dampness coming from them



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