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Low-Moisture Brush Cleaning System

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Product Description

VersaClean Low Moiture Cleaning systems technology

Your Choice - available in 20" and 15" heads

Change the way you look at carpet cleaning with VersaClean. Our Low-Moisture Cleaning system produces results like you’ve never seen before: better, more efficient cleaning with significant savings in labor, and brighter, fresher carpets every day. 

  • High production encapsulation cleaning – Up to 10,000 sq. ft. per hour for the CBR2380 20" head
  • up to 5000 sq. ft. per hour CBR1580 model 15" head
  • Fast-drying low moisture system minimizes downtime
  • Removes most spots, including beverage stains such as coffee, tea and soda
  • Removes damaging soils that vacuuming doesn't - refreshes and extends carpet life

Just spray VersaClean™ Power Encap Plus onto the carpet and then agitate using the VersaClean™ CRB2380 20" or CRB1580 15" counter-rotating brush machines. The hydrogen peroxide in Power Encap Plus breaks the bond between the soil and the carpet fiber, while the CRB machine agitates and loosens soils. EnCap Plus's exclusive polymer encapsulation chemistry surrounds and captures the soils, and quickly dries to a crystalline powder for easy removal by vacuuming.

Low-moisture cleaning can be easily integrated into your routine vacuuming schedule, or use it whenever carpets need freshening and brightening. For best results, we recommend a VersaClean Deep Restorative cleaning using the VersaCarpet VC700 after every three or four Low Moisture System cleanings.

Bonus any purchase of our low mosture cleaning system receives a free case of 4-gallons of encap plus detergent Encap


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