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New Car Scent Works Instantly!

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Product Description

New Car Scent works instantly! Eliminates odors!  spray on - available in 16 oz or 32 ounce OZ

Please note: All surfaces must be cleaned for this product to actively work properly


  • Pleasant New Car Smell Throughout Car’s Interior
  • Works Instantly Upon Application
  • Water Based Scent
  • Trigger Sprayer Included

    Keep Your Car Smelling New

    Why buy New Car Scent? Individuals that buy a new car or for those that want to recapture the new car smell can find the solution with new car air freshener. New Car Scent, an air freshener spray, is easy to use and only takes a couple of seconds to apply. Instantly, you will capture the new car smell that will make each ride enjoyable. This water based scent wont stain fabrics, carpets or upholstery. If you are looking for the new car smell then New Car Scent is the car air freshener for you.

    Who Uses New Car Air Freshener? New Car Scent is used by professional auto detailers, auto dealerships, house cleaning professionals, hotels, JAN/SAN companies and home owners just to name a few. These professionals understand the importance of the new car smell by providing their customers with a new car air freshener that lasts.

Instructions for use:

1. Clean all fabric (headliners, seats, carpets) with a Dry Foam, vinyl and plastic (dash board, doors and control panel) with Power Clean, and leather surfaces with Leather Cleaner. Cleaning these surfaces prior to the application of New Car Scent will allow the scent to perform at maximum capacity by adhering itself to a clean, odor free surface.)

2. Spray or mist over desired surface(i.e. under seats and dash, on floor boards, and inside vents)

3. Repeat process if and when needed.

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