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TES Thermal Energy System - Complete Business Package

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TES Thermal Energy System - Complete Business Package

TES Thermal Energy System - 250k BTU - 0 to 2000

If You Want A Bigger Share of the Market, TES Can Help!
You’ve got vans, they’ve got vans. You’ve got air movers, they’ve got air movers. You’ve got dehumidifiers, they’ve got dehumidifiers. You’ve got TES, they’ve got….

If you’re thinking about getting into the water restoration business or are ready to go after a bigger share of the market, TES can be your ticket! If you want to take market share from the competition you have to be better and different! Air movers and dehumidifiers certainly work. But TES represents the evolution of traditional drying systems.

Now, A Faster Way to Dry and an Unbeatable Competitive Edge!

TES is the world’s fastest drying system. That’s because TES dries the same way you dry your clothes or your hair - with directed heat that vaporizes moisture out of building materials and contents and then exhausts this moisture laden air to the outside. That’s why TES dries far faster. In fact, most jobs will be dry in under 30 hours, instead of six or even the three days that advanced drying systems promise. And we mean totally dry, including carpet, pad, hardwood floors, walls, substrates, everything! There are no other drying systems that can accomplish these kinds of results.

Because it’s so much faster, TES let’s you process far more jobs than with traditional equipment. You charge the same amount (TES is included in Xactimate pricing) but process twice as many jobs in the same time period, allowing you to earn a lot more money.

Even more importantly, TES represents the competitive advantage that will separate you from every other restorer calling on adjusters, agents or property managers - giving them powerful reasons to choose your company! With TES, you’ll help adjusters close claims faster, save money and have happier policyholders. Why be another “me too” restorer when there’s TES?

Want to find out how we can help you use TES as a powerful marketing tool? Just give us a call or stop by!

Desert-dry in record time! High speed structural evaporation and drying system. Includes:

Base unit
400 feet of ⅝" high temperature insulated hose (equal Red and Blue)
200 feet of ¾" high temperature insulated hose (equal Red and Blue)
Tee Assemblies
QD Insulated Protective Wraps
5 Tex heat transfer units
Who is tes™? tes™ is a unique water-damage restoration system that combines new and current technology in a whole new way. Utilizing the "Reets Evaporation Method" combining controlled heat and air flow producing high-speed evaporation and dramatically improving the drying process.

What can tes™ do?

Dry most jobs in under 30 hours; including carpet, carpet cushion, hardwood, walls, and substrates.
Accelerated drying can reduce mold and structural damage.
Make you look good! The property owners have their structure restored in less time, with less hassle, and less damage. Insurance companies save money and call you back for future jobs. You’re able to do more jobs in less time, with more profit.

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