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5 lbs Powdered Organic Deodorizer Spring Fresh

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5 lbs Organic Powdered Deodorizer

Make your own deodorizer - we took the water out

5 lb can make 55-110 gallons of fresh clean deodorizer

Contains no water and dilutes at 1 to 2 oz per gallon of water. Now you can not only use a deodorizer that just smells like something, but a deodorizer who's smell the customers associate with clean. Spring Fresh

Spring Fresh is made from organic ingredients for use while cleaning and post cleaning.

It contains baking soda and perfume that control residual odors. The perfume smells Spring Fresh which gives the customer an instant fragrance that smells like Spring Flowers. The baking soda controls the residual odor by absorbing malodors.


Please note: Because of the nature of this product, the powder will be a little damp and may have some hardness, you may have to break it up before mixing in water. This product does work excellent, and will save you money.

•Truck-mounts dilute 3/4 lb (12 oz) in 5 gallon stock solution for carpet and furniture cleaning. Meter 2 to 4 depending on dirt. 

•Portables dilute 2 oz in 5 gallons. 

•Fresh water tanks add 1/4 oz per gallon of water. 

•Hydro-force use 8 oz based on 8:1 Ratio. 

• Pump-up sprayers dilute 1 oz in 1 gallon 


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