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No Wait Sealer super concentrated 2-Viral Lot

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No Wait
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Product Description

SEALS GROUT - no more waiting 24 hours after you clean.

1-Viral makes 1-gallon super concentrated - 2-Viral Lot 

Grout Sealer (Protector-Penetrating).  NEW-128 times more concentrated with reduced cost per application. 

Now you don’t have to wait for the grout to dry before sealing. This breakthrough water based protector with DuPont fluoropolymer goes on easy and gets absorbed in the grout to make a protective barrier against dirt and liquid stains. The grout will also come cleaner easier when it is cleaned the next time around. Great for high traffic areas and areas prone to spills. Not only does it work good, but it is attractively priced for you to earn even higher profits while sealing grout.  One vial makes a gallon which covers from 800 to 5000 sq. ft. depending on size of tile. Apply using sponge, towel or Grout Wand. Wipe access. Let dry. Test for compatibility when using on porous stones and tiles.
pH 7. 1 vial makes 1 gallon

Please note: you will recieve 2-Virals of No Wait - Makes 2-gallons of sealer

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