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Unloader Odor Neutralizer-1-Quart Destroys Smoke super concentrated

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Odor Unloader - Removes all odors - Neutralizer 1:128

New Quart Size

DIRECTIONS: High dilution ratio of 1:128. Add 1 to 2 oz per gallon of water in portables. Add 12 to 24 oz in truck mount stock solution. As a room deodorant Odor Unloader can be mixed as high as 1:10.

Not only masks odors, but destroys them.
Works on all malodors from organic sources and leaves a clean spring time scent behind.
Even works great on strong cigarette odors!
Helps the carpet dry faster.

Destroys and kills cigarette smoke

We sell to large a number of hotels that use Odor Unloader as a spray for the room after a tenet stayed and smoked cigarettes.

Auction for 1-Quart (32 oz) Neutralizer

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